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11 October 2007 @ 09:14 pm


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08 October 2007 @ 09:15 pm
I mean really. Who does that? 

Tell me I'm not the only one who wastes my entire night on YouTube.

I did do my history homework. And, like, a quarter of the essay that's due Wednesday. Shit. I hate Julius Caesar.

I'm so sick of journalism already. This means I'm actually looking forward to Senior Studio with Tehan. It's crazy.

OMG. I recorded Bruss singing the song from Mr Rogers today. Ha ha. Silly Bruss. And his beard. 

Yeah, I need to go sleep because I've been exhausted and shakey all day. So exhausted that I don't even know if I spelled shakey properly. It doesn't look right. And I've been getting joint pain about every day. Which isn't cool. And one of my dogs will probably die soon. He's falling down almost constantly. And my father apparently wants nothing to do with me, considering he hasn't called me of his own volition since like...July. Which means all the times he took me places since last July was just him trying to get back with my mum, not a sincere attempt to reconcile with me. Screw him and his goddamn Asperger's syndrome.

 Liz is my hero. She gave me a cupcake. And ha, Wiz didn't even yell at me for eating it in his class.

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05 September 2007 @ 07:10 pm
 So junior year in my Creative Writing program is meant for journalism. And this year, the class has been changed so that the sophmores, who have CW Practice and Review, are in the same room with the same teacher as us...at the same time as us.


Bruss and his braided beard may be amazing, but he still can't teach two different classes at the same time. And how ridiculously unfair is it that the sophmores have the opportunity to work on the school newspaper when we didn't last year? And they don't have to deal with Tehan like we did. 


The reasoning for this? The classes when separated were too small. Er, it's, you know, our major, small class sizes are a plus. The junior class is very small, yes, and it's always been nice because of that. The sophmores take up more than half the class, there's at least eighteen of them. Compared to eight of us. 


Class sizes are completely insane. My chemistry class has forty-two students. My chemistry class. Where we'll be working with chemicals. There aren't even enough desks.

What the hell is happening to my school?


I am so pissed. You have no idea.


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04 September 2007 @ 11:05 am
So tomorrow I go back to school.

It's creepy, that's what it is.

What am I doing today? Not reading over the three chapters I was assigned for history (I read them before but forgot everything).

I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 with Audrey. >_<

But I love this. Harry Potter clips set to the trailer for POTC3. OMG!

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30 August 2007 @ 11:42 am

I am not dead, and I've revamped this. Yay for no more clutter and new, home-made icons. >_<

(I always rip out pages in my real journals too, it's a terrible habit.)

'K, so I'm going to act like a noob and say OMGAMAZINGICONTEXTURES:



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